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Increased Power

Chiptuning involves replacing the original engine software on the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) with optimised software to increase power and torque.

Fuel Saving

Fuel supply to the engine is also controlled by the ECU. A tuned car drives more economically, accelerates faster and has a significantly higher top speed.

Transmission Tuning

Many gearboxes can already handle limited more torque without any modifications. However, at higher tuning stages, one cannot avoid tuning this software as well.

Real Time Mapping

Measuring you car is done while driving on the dyno. Thus, real-time data is collected of your car's performance and it is tuned accordingly.

Racecar Support

Of course, we are also familiar with cars fitted with upgrades such as air intake, exhaust, intercooler, turbo, fuel pumps, built engine etc.

Dyno Use

Temperature, charge pressure, fuel ratio, power, torque everything becomes clear on the roller bench (dyno). On the printout, you will see the performance achieved across the rev range as a graph.

Tuning Parts

We are official dealer of several brands like Armytrix, Eventuri, Milltek Sport, RacingLine, TTE, Wagner Tuning, Cobra Suspension, Eibach, KW, Maxton Design, RECARO, Brembo, NGK etc. Ask about the possibilities!

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