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Can any car be chiptuned?

Most modern cars with an engine management system, where the engine is controlled by an Electronic Control Unit (ECU), can be fitted with chiptuning.

Can my leased car also be chiptuned?

Most leasing companies allow you to have your car chiptuned, but impose conditions. In addition, it is always possible to tune your lease car back when the car goes back to the leasing company.

In which types of cars does chiptuning give optimum performance?

Chiptuning gives the best results on (petrol or diesel) engines with turbo, compressor or G-charger.

Are there any insurance & road tax implications due to chiptuning?

Simple answer, no.

Is chiptuning harmful to the engine?

Chiptuning is not harmful to the engine provided it is done properly. Proper tuning gets the most out of your engine's capacity. MTR Performance has balanced the software so well for your car that it will not be overloaded. Moreover, the software is always tested. Therefore, you do not have to reckon with a reduced lifespan of your engine.

What if the car gets a software update?

In modern cars, it is possible that your car may receive a software update during maintenance work. Stay alert to this yourself, should this happen, you can come to us to reinstall the tuning software. Please note that we do charge an installation fee for reinstalling the same software.

What should I take into account myself after tuning?

These rules also apply to a non-tuned car, but become extra important after tuning.

Drive the car well warmed up. MTR is not just referring to the temperature of the cooling water but to the fact that the oil is up to temperature. This is usually well warm after 10 minutes of motorway driving.

In addition, proper maintenance is very important. Give the car a service on time. Use good quality oil. Level the oil regularly. The turbo is cooled by the engine oil, oil is therefore a very important factor to keep the turbo in good condition.

Tank good petrol, we always recommend at least octane 98.

Can chiptuning be undone or removed?

Yes, this is possible. You can have your car reset to factory settings at any time.

What about legal warranty?

When you purchase a product from us, you are entitled to a good product at all times, provided you use the product normally. Should a product fail to meet your expectations, we will fully comply with the guarantee provisions of the Civil Code with respect to you. You should in any case contact us within a reasonable period of time after discovery of the defect. Two months is reasonable.

After your notification, we will investigate whether we can easily repair the defect or what caused it.

What do we expect from you in the event of a complaint?

We find it convenient and nice if you provide us with as much information as possible in case of a complaint. After reporting the complaint, we may ask you for additional information or photos that can help us resolve your complaint quickly and correctly.

Am I entitled to reimbursement of installation and removal costs and hardware costs in the event of a defect?

Here we are very clear upfront; no. A breakdown is annoying for all parties, but there can never be compensation because we do not have complete control after a car leaves us. Of course, we do maintain close customer contact and support where we can.

What can I expect in terms of quality and service?

You can expect MTR Performance NL to offer high-quality products & service. We keep our service high and where possible it is continuously improved.

I have a technical question, can I contact you for this?

Of course! We have a specialised team of certified experts. If it is a complicated question, it may take some time to sort it out and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Feel free to contact us.