BMW M5 E60 V10 Supercharged

BMW M5 E60 V10 Supercharged

This BMW M5 belongs to one of the MTR Performance promotional cars.

The M5 E60 won the 2005 "Engine of the Year" election in the categories: "Best New Engine 2005", "Best Performance Engine 2005" and was also the best in the class above 4.0 litres with its 5.0 V10 engine. This atmospheric engine gives factory output of 507 hp & 520 nm. However, this was obviously not enough for MTR NL, a supercharger could help. This turned the car into a coffin on wheels, naja depends who the driver is. But the now 700+ hp on the rear wheels really puts the driver's driving skills to the test!

Currently, the iconic BMW is being fitted with a carbon bonnet and tailgate, keep an eye on us for the final result.


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Med Bennouna

How much is the supercharger for m5 e60?kit

Deividas Marcinkus

Quero comprar uma máquina dessas

PAVEl dochev Dochev

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