VW Golf 7.5RS 2.5TFSI Garret G35-1050

VW Golf 7.5RS 2.5TFSI Garret G35-1050

This supercar killer belongs to one of the MTR Performance promotional cars.

From the factory, the MK7.5R rolled with a 2.0TSI 4 cylinder engine. However, this was not unique and fast enough. So what is the best solution? Indeed replace the complete engine block, gearbox and driveline with that of an Audi RS3.

The first thing to notice is the unique look created by Inozetek's Vintage Racing Green wrap combined with White Gold OZ Ultraleggeras and too much carbon fibre to mention. The RECARO Podiums provide great weight savings. The perfect fitment has been achieved by a KW Suspension coilover kit, allowing the Toyo R888R semi slicks to fall right in.

When the hood opens, the 4-inch carbon Unitronic cold air intake immediately catches the eye, the engine spec list is longer than the dictionary. But the most important factor besides the MTR Performance ECU & TCU software is the Garret THOR-G1050 turbo. This turbo ensures that this Golf has a whopping 952 bhp & 1024 nm on E85 fuel and covers the 100-200 sprint in 3.5 seconds.

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