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TTE700 EVO EA855 2.5TFSI Upgrade Turbocharger DAZA/DNWA/DNWC Audi RS3 8V.2, 8Y, TTRS 8S

TTE700 EVO EA855 2.5TFSI Upgrade Turbocharger DAZA/DNWA/DNWC Audi RS3 8V.2, 8Y, TTRS 8S

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A TTE700 is an original RS3 8V.2/TTRS 8S turbocharger that we, THE TURBO ENGINEERS, modify to deliver great performance and still fit plug-and-play with an upgrade intake. To make a TTE700, the compressor wheel is replaced with a TTE milled aluminium wheel with state-of-the-art geometry, 7+7 blades, and of a much larger size, producing extra power. Similarly, we replace the original exhaust turbine with a much larger, but very light 9-blade TTE-designed turbine for lower exhaust back pressure, providing greater performance. We also installed a TTE motorsport upgrade bearing system for durability. The boost response was central to designing this unit and does not disappoint.

When ordering a new turbocharger, we use the latest generation of BorgWarner original turbochargers with the latest specification Audi thermal heat insulation cladding on the exhaust manifold and turbine housing to reduce engine bay temperatures and ensure the best performance and safety.

Please note that if you send an older generation turbo, without the original AUDI thermal cladding for the ‘upgrade’ process, we will rework and return your turbo without the cladding unless you purchase the additional thermal insulation. Depending on stock availability, we may replace the TTE thermal cladding and give the original AUDI thermal cladding instead.


Getting our turbochargers precisely balanced is a crucial factor in becoming a TTE upgrade unit, as longevity and performance are of paramount importance. Proper balancing also improves acoustics. Next, with all TTE turbochargers, great care is taken to achieve our balance standards. First, components are balanced at low speeds up to 2800RPM in multiple planes using our single parts machine. Next, components are assembled, and then the CHRA (Centre Housing Rotating Assembly) is dynamically balanced, but this time depending on the application up to 250,000RPM in multiple planes using our in-house VSR (Vibration Sorting Rig) machine to achieve the ultimate balance, at a standard well above OEM. Each turbocharger comes with a serial number balance test result document.


  • TTE Billet Milled 7+7 Blade, 63mm Inlet compressor
  • TTE 9 Blade High-flow low-mass turbine
  • TTE Upgrade bearing package
  • Original BorgWarner turbocharger as base part
  • Original BorgWarner actuator
  • Thermally shielded exhaust manifold and housing
  • CNC optimised compressor cover machining clearances
  • Plug and Play installation
  • 600+ depending on fuel (click here for required upgrade injectors)
  • Components finely balanced, then components assembled and core balanced with high speed VSR
  • Supplied with a balance test result document
  • Software recalibration is required
  • Proven quality from TheTurboEngineers
  • Made in Germany
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